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Educational Institutions & Learning Centers

Food scrap and organic waste collection is just the tip of the iceberg for us. Our founders have over a decade of teaching experience!

Become a local leader in sustainability!

Service Includes:

Developmentally appropriate lesson plans & activities 

Composting can provide teachable moments about reducing landfill waste, the environmental impact of waste, proper waste sorting techniques, and how organic materials can be reused to replenish our soil with nutrients and grow healthier food!


Receive finished compost

Provide students with a hands-on learning experience!!! Use finished compost for your schools garden or classroom projects! Students will be able to make a full circle connection, from lunch room waste to a new plant!

East Longmeadow Public Schools Composting Program

East Longmeadow Schools reported: "In one week, 209 pounds of liquids were collected (not put in trash), 46 pounds of recyclable containers, 132 pounds of food waste, and only 19 pounds of trash. 95% of cafeteria waste is recyclable or compostable!"

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