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Healthy soil keeps our earth replenished with nutrients. 

Growing nutrient rich food is the foundation for healthier bodies, families, and communities!

  • Soil is home to billions of micro-organisms. These micro-organisms feed off of decomposing organic materials and help release nutrients into the soil.


  • Soil rich in organic material holds more water than clay or sandy soils. Compost can hold 200% of its dry weight in water vs 20% in low-quality soil, making it more drought resistant. 

  • Compost helps fight climate change by storing carbon dioxide, which is absorbed by pants and then stored in the soil instead of the atmosphere.

  • Compost helps plants become more resistant to diseases. When soil is filled with the proper nutrients, like in compost, the good bacteria is able to outcompete the bad bacteria. ( disease suppression in compost)

  • Gardens using compost mixed with top soil yield more, nutrient rich vegetables.

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5 Easy Ways I Can Use Compost!

1. Top dress your lawn with                compost

  • Around the beginning of September spread a 1/2" of compost on your lawn. Then overseed your lawn using a spreader. By spring of the following year, your lawn will be healthier and greener than ever! ​​

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2. Timing is everything

  • Early fall is the best time of the year to add compost to your garden or lawn. By spring, the compost will have worked itself into your soil and be ready to help your plants flourish!

Image by Ricardo Gomez Angel

3. Boost Tree growth

  • Compost around the base of trees can help increase the amount of nutrients trees absorb through their roots. Use fresh compost to help saplings get the nutrients they need to grow big and tall

Image by Ashley Worsham-Giaccone

4. Start a Garden!

  • Live a more sustainable lifestyle by using your compost to help start a vegetable garden. You can save money on produce and maybe even discovery a new hobby!

Image by Jonathan Kemper

5. Use a compost blanket to help        fight erosion

  • Bare soil is more susceptible to erosion. Apply 1/2-2inches of compost to bare slopes mixed with seed to use pants to hold the earth in place and fight erosion.

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